The Dragon In The Room

– Dr. Jagruti Chasmawala


You don’t see me but I’m very much there

Your actions speak of love and care.


But, I don’t think all is well

There’s a dragon, he comes from hell!

Keep away from me, I yell!


I hate the smoke, it makes me choke

Then you feel nauseous and go hungry

This makes me very angry!


Please look after my nutrition

Surely, you know that in your ‘condition’


The smoke affects our lungs, heart and brain

Why do you let our oxygen drain?


If I’m sickly, pale and small

How will I pull through these 9 months at all?


Let’s assume I do survive

Please breastfeed me so that I thrive


But, keep the dragon away!

He is dumb, you are clever

Else, your milk will have a smokey flavor!


No first hand, second hand, third hand smoke

Please don’t let your unborn choke!

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