Quitters are Winners

Dr. Jagruti Chasmawala

I want to QUIT

You have heard me say it

I know, you may laugh

B’cos I quit for an hour or half

Living without ‘it’ is bad

It makes me cranky, sleepy and sad

The craving drives me up the wall

Nothing will help and no one to call

I tried, you know, I did

Especially when we were having our kid

Remember, I even chewed the ‘gum’

Beating my head till it felt like a drum

‘Will power, strong will power indeed

That’s all you will ever need’

Now that’s just a lot of crap

Don’t you fall for this trap

Quitting tobacco was never so easy

No need to feel sick or queasy

Just control the chemical chaos

Else your quit plan goes for a toss

Today is 31st May, ‘World No Tobacco Day’

My score is zero, but I feel like a hero

Go to facebook or google the site

Banish the darkness, let there be light.

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