Pt# 225 HS 46M

Addiction: Paan with 120 tobacco, RMD gutka.

Duration: 24 years.

Frequency: All the time except for eating and sleeping time.
( more than 20 times a day).

I used to consume gutka, diabetes runs in my family. I developed an infection, which would not settle for three months! My doctor told me to cut down on my tobacco consumption. I had tried to give up gutka chewing since the past few months but did not succeed. I joined Dr. Chasmawala’s Quit Tobacco Program in March 2007 and enjoy complete freedom from my addiction since then.

My restricted mouth opening improved immediately. I can now put a whole
pani-puri in my mouth. I could not do this before treatment. Not to mention
that I save nearly three thousand rupees a month!

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