Pt# 239 GD 42M

Duration: 40years.

Frequency: 15-20 times a day.


When my wife told me about Dr. Chasmawala’s Quit Tobacco Program, I was willing to try any thing because I had three ulcers in my mouth, which had not healed since six months. Luckily they tested negative for cancer! Within three days of starting the treatment, there was 30% reduction in the size of the ulcers and they vanished completely within ten days! Since then I have remained habit free and feel that my general health is much better. I am enjoying all the benefits of quitting as predicted.

Pt# 271 PM 75F

Addiction: IPCO tobacco “tooth paste”, Swastik snuff (tapkir)

Duration: 40years.

Frequency: 15-20 times a day.


Due to my tobacco habit, my son has become addicted to tobacco. I always wanted to lead by example, so I decided to join Dr. Chasmawala’s Quit Tobacco Program. I did not feel confident at first. However, the doctor reassured me that I will be fine. I could never have imagined that giving up such an old habit would be so easy! My voice has improved so much that I have now begun singing regularly at the temple which I always wanted to but couldn’t. I am free of all addictions since June 2007.

Pt# 311 PP 48M

Addiction: IPCO tobacco tooth paste

Duration: 20years.

Frequency: 10 times a day.


I used to be alone all afternoon and started sharing my neighbor’s tobacco tooth paste tube. Initially I felt like vomiting but in a matter of days, I was hooked! My husband has no vices out the Quit Tobacco Program. First two days were uncomfortable but since then I am free. My blood pressure used to remain high, now my doctor says it has improved and I feel quite energetic. I quit in June 07.

Pt# 256 SB 44M

Addiction: Wills

Duration: 25 years.

Frequency: At least 20 times a day.


My job is very stressful. I have a high cholesterol level. I have never tried to give up smoking. My family could not believe that I would consult Dr. Chasmawala after reading about her in the newspaper. I stopped smoking since the first appointment and have never smoked since Sept.07 now.

Pt# 298 VM 52M

Addiction: Marlboro Lights

Duration: 34 years.

Frequency: At least 30 times a day.


I have tried to give up my smoking habit but did not have much success beyond a day or two. I felt a lot of craving and could not quit. My wife urged me to consult Dr. Chasmawala. I could become smoke free in a matter of days!! My confidence increased with every follow up appointment. I am smoke free since Aug.07 even though my job is very stressful. I have saved nearly Rs.3500/ month!

Pt# 201 MH 32M

Addiction: Gold Flake.

Duration: 10 years.

Frequency: At least 20 times a day.


I have tried to give up cigarettes many times due to my young daughter. However, I always felt very irritable and could not succeed. My family urged me to consult Dr. Chasmawala. Since the very first day I could control myself quite easily. My confidence grew in the first three days and now I have been smoke free since August 2007.

Pt# 301 SD 27M

Addiction: Goagutka,

Duration: 8 years.

Frequency: More than 20 times a day.


My work schedule is very erratic and I have to travel a lot. I was not confident that I could give up my gutka addiction. Whenever I have tried to give up, I felt very anxious and irritable. However, taking professional help and following Dr. Chasmawala’s Quit Tobacco Program step by step made a big difference. More than a few months have passed and I am free of tobacco. Quitting has allowed me to live life to the fullest. I felt energetic right from the first few days of quitting.

Pt# 236 AS 37M

Addiction: Paan with tobacco, Manikchand gutka.

Duration: 17 years.

Frequency: Up to 15 times a day.


My father used to consume a lot of tobacco. He always used to tell me to give up tobacco. However, I never tried because I feared that I could not do without gutka even for a day. I always kept some spare pouches just in case! My friend referred me to Dr. Chasmawala’s Quit Tobacco Program. He was even more addicted to gutka than every month since I joined the program.

Pt# 225 HS 46M

Addiction: Paan with 120 tobacco, RMD gutka.

Duration: 24 years.

Frequency: All the time except for eating and sleeping time.
( more than 20 times a day).

I used to consume gutka, diabetes runs in my family. I developed an infection, which would not settle for three months! My doctor told me to cut down on my tobacco consumption. I had tried to give up gutka chewing since the past few months but did not succeed. I joined Dr. Chasmawala’s Quit Tobacco Program in March 2007 and enjoy complete freedom from my addiction since then.

My restricted mouth opening improved immediately. I can now put a whole
pani-puri in my mouth. I could not do this before treatment. Not to mention
that I save nearly three thousand rupees a month!