Quit Tobacco Program

Q1. What do you mean by the tobacco habit?

This includes both chewing, snuffing and smoking of tobacco such as

  • Cigarettes
  • Paan with tobacco
  • Bidis
  • Gutka
  • Cigar
  • Lime+tobacco paste
  • Snuff
  • Masheri
  • Hookah etc.
  • Tobacco ‘tooth pastes’ such as dentobac, IPCO etc.

Q2. How do I quit my habit?

The first thing you need to do is to take a decision that YOU WILL COMPLETE THE PROGRAM AS ADVISED. We can help with the rest. Men and women of all age groups can participate in this program.

Q3. How long does treatment take?

The Quit Tobacco Program usually takes 20-30 days.

Q4. How often do I visit the doctor?

We need to see you 3 to 6 times during this period. However, we suggest that a family member such as your wife, mother, sister or daughter

may accompany you for the initial consultation.

Q5. Why should I choose a specialist?

Our multi-pronged approach and professional help will improve your chances of success.

Q6. When can I begin this treatment?

Call us today! It is never too late to gain freedom from tobacco!

Q7. I have tried to quit several times and failed!

Congratulations! We take this as a positive sign. Perhaps a professional approach will help you to succeed.

Q8. It’s okay to use tobacco occasionally, right?

Wrong! Tobacco addiction usually begins with ‘occasional’ use. Soon, you become an addict. You are lucky that you have reached this website. We urge you to grab this opportunity today because occasional tobacco abusers are likely to quit sooner.

Q9. I have been abusing tobacco for more than 40 years. Will I succeed?

Why not! Anybody can, provided they have professional support.

Q10. I want to quit but what about the uneasiness, anxiety and craving for tobacco?

These are called ‘withdrawal symptoms’. The medication will reduce these symptoms to a bare minimum as soon as you take the first dose. This makes it easier to quit the habit.

Q11. How do the medicines work?

In addition to controlling the withdrawal symptoms, the medicines remove the ‘kick’ or pleasure that the abuser gets from tobacco.

This is an added incentive for the abuser to quit the tobacco habit.

Q12. What would be the cost of treatment?

The program cost is negligible compared to the ill-effects of tobacco on your health, the resultant medical bills and the money wasted on this harmful habit. Even if you do not consider these effects, please consider the toll that this habit extracts from your family and loved ones.

Q13. What is my role in achieving a good result?

Your determination to complete QTP + Our Professional Approach = Freedom from Tobacco.